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Tails of the Old Republic Sketch by Chris000 Tails of the Old Republic Sketch by Chris000
Something I made for :iconpyre-vulpimorph: in his honor of being my 30,000th pageviewer! This picture can actually be subject to change if Pyre wishes anything changed in it.

The picture is for his crossover story where Tails actually goes into the Old Republic Universe and effectively replays the events of the game. Very deep story with a lot of characterization and action in it. This actually differentiates this Tails than the one you know and love. The scars represent the fact that he's a fighter and not willing to go down easily. Check out his story. It's actually really in depth! Speaking as a man of details, that is no small feat.
Lewanut Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2011
No compliment I could give would sum up the sheer awesomeness of this picture.
RoninHunt0987 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
nice job friend
Pyre-Vulpimorph Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2011
((Aww, you flatter me with your compliments, Chris! ^^;))

Wow, this is a really awesome sketch! One thing I forgot to ask for -- and I'm really kicking myself for forgetting -- was to give Tails a proper neck. The Sonic-style neck-less character designs is actually one of my pet peeves, and it just irritates me that I forgot to mention it. ACK!

So, if it's at all possible, could you give him a proper neck? Since you drew him with what looks like a 1:4 head/height ratio, adding a neck would still keep him within the 1:4.5 proportions I specified.

Other than that... one of the details I mentioned was that both his tails were 2X as long as he is tall. Tails is 4 feet tall, so both his namesakes would be 8 feet long. I know that there isn't much space on the paper, but is it possible to draw his tails being longer? I mean, it's how he uses them as weapons so effectively. ;P

Lastly -- and this is entirely at your discretion -- could you very lightly add some muscle definition underneath his fur? I know I said that you didn't need to draw bulging muscles on him, but that was because I didn't want you to draw him looking like a bodybuilder. But, I did want him to look a little more athletic than that.

I don't want to make more work for you since you're doing this for free, and you've done an amazing job so far. So only do what you're willing to do and I'll be happy with the result! :heart:
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December 5, 2011
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